A Texas Ghost Story  Excerpted from Spooky Texas retold by S.E. Schlosser  Oh, you hear the stories about how dangerous Ouija boards are, but hey—it’s just a game. Mary waited until midnight to begin our little game, and the four of us—Sarah, Jessie, me, and, Mary, started by asking all kinds of silly questions. It was a strange-looking board, covered with letters and symbols. There was a … Continue reading “Amber”

“Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway

There were only two Americans stopping at the hotel. They did not know any of the people they passed on the stairs on their way to and from their room. Their room was on the second floor facing the sea. It also faced the public garden and the war monument. There were big palms and green benches in the public garden. In the good weather … Continue reading “Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway

Writing my First Short Story

I know I’m not that good in English. My grammar is not that excellent since that I’m just learning and developing my skills. But it has always been a dream for me to become proficient and fluent in English language. It’s a dream for me to write. Since that writing an original short story is the final requirement in my Creative Writing class, I am … Continue reading Writing my First Short Story


Dati ayoko maging teacher kase nakikita ko yung hirap ng trabaho sa mama ko. Mula madaling araw hanggang pag-uwi ng bahay dala pa rin yung trabaho. Pero kahit anung iwas mo, pag tinawag ka talaga ni God kung saang field ka Nya gustong gamitin, kukulitin ka Nya, sasabihin Nya sayo “Hindi kita tatantanan.” At ang unang ministry na binigay sakin, Children’s Ministry! Haha. Anung alam … Continue reading Calling?