Writing my First Short Story

I know I’m not that good in English. My grammar is not that excellent since that I’m just learning and developing my skills. But it has always been a dream for me to become proficient and fluent in English language. It’s a dream for me to write.

Since that writing an original short story is the final requirement in my Creative Writing class, I am oblige to write my own story or else, I would receive an INC grade. My professor is one of those I consider “difficult people” I have encountered in my whole life! My classmates and I were writing our possible short story themes for about a month now. And because she is really a hard-to-please penguin, I mean, teacher, I have wrote possible themes for about 8-10 already which she disapproved. Isn’t she amazing?! Errrr! Guess what? She approved one of my themes just last Monday! This week is our finals. I have my exams plus all the requirements in my other subjects such as field study, speeches, portfolio, journal, research papers, etc. And this creative writing requirement that was just approved last Monday is actually due on next Monday? It’s already Saturday and I’m still sruggling. How couId I finish this damn story?!


Anyways, I am looking for help from Mr. Google and I found some tips on writing your own story. I hope these could help. I just take everything as challenge.

Once I finished my story I will post it here together with my speeches that I have presented few days ago. 🙂


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