Dear Teacher

Dear Mrs. Ramos,

What you did to me/us today would be one of those experiences I will never ever forget in my entire life! You were one of those professors I looked up to because of your wide knowledge in English language especially in Literature. But what you just did few hours ago would be one of my most hurtful moments as a student. I am so discouraged of you. You got me so disppointed.

YOU ARE A TEACHER. You are suppose to encourage and motivate your students. You are supposed to be an inspiration to us. But you proved me wrong. I just realized, not all teachers can be like that. MANY CAN BE CALLED EFFICIENT TEACHERS BUT ONLY FEW CAN BE EFFECTIVE.

But let me say thank you for EMBARASSING ME in front of your class today. Thank you for making me feel worthless of my work and effort, and all my “puyat”, stress and headaches just to finish my piece. Thank you for telling me that I am a copy cat. You didn’t even give me a chance to prove myself. Thank you for those discouragements you’ve thrown on my face, right in front of others. Thank you for making me feel this way. Because of that, I was pushed to post this.

I know that my grammar is NOT AS PERFECT AS YOURS. I’m still learning and trying my best EVERY SINGLE DAY. And that’s also the very reason why I enrolled in school again – to learn, to gain knowledge and wisdom, to be respected, to be a good teacher someday. I may not be as good as you when it comes to writing. Of course, you’re already a professor and I’m just your student. JUST A STUDENT — that’s what I am to you because YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME. I am nothing compare to your works and skills. Yes! I admit. Hello? I still have a long way to go. I know that!

But what happened today challenged me. I promise to strive harder, that one day, I will become an author of an inspirational piece or an ispirational book you’ll love or even die to read knowing the fact that I, whom you told a copy cat and embarassed in front of your class, and the author of that piece/book, was once your student. I will try really hard to become a better person. I promise to be a good teacher, not just an efficient but an EFFECTIVE one. I will inspire and encourage people to be the best that they can be, to work hard and fight for their dreams and future. I will be one of the sources of encouragement and inspiration to them. I know God will see me through. I know He will guide, equip and strengthen me. Because I know without Him, I can do nothing.

I may dislike or even hate you today, but I will definitely get over this tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. You might forget about me but I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET YOU.

I still respect you as my professor. But please show your students some respect too, even just like a little piece of candy.




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