Dear Teacher

Dear Mrs. Ramos, What you did to me/us today would be one of those experiences I will never ever forget in my entire life! You were one of those professors I looked up to because of your wide knowledge in English language especially in Literature. But what you just did few hours ago would be one of my most hurtful moments as a student. I … Continue reading Dear Teacher

Writing my First Short Story

I know I’m not that good in English. My grammar is not that excellent since that I’m just learning and developing my skills. But it has always been a dream for me to become proficient and fluent in English language. It’s a dream for me to write. Since that writing an original short story is the final requirement in my Creative Writing class, I am … Continue reading Writing my First Short Story


Dati ayoko maging teacher kase nakikita ko yung hirap ng trabaho sa mama ko. Mula madaling araw hanggang pag-uwi ng bahay dala pa rin yung trabaho. Pero kahit anung iwas mo, pag tinawag ka talaga ni God kung saang field ka Nya gustong gamitin, kukulitin ka Nya, sasabihin Nya sayo β€œHindi kita tatantanan.” At ang unang ministry na binigay sakin, Children’s Ministry! Haha. Anung alam … Continue reading Calling?